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Dean Mueller


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The New Album!

Dean Mueller never thought he was a front man but after writing a collection of very personal music for his new recording “Life Ain’t All Roses”  – he couldn’t imagine anyone else telling these stories. After years of playing with many top bands and solo artists, no one was MORE surprised to hear his first album recorded, mixed and mastered than Dean himself. “Dean’s music is wonderful, clever and honest” says Andrea Stolpe, multi-platinum songwriter. 


Dean recorded his album of original songs for “Life Ain’t All Roses” in Nashville with producer Kevin McKendree (keyboards) and members of John Prine’s band: drummer Kenneth Blevins and bassist Dave Jacques. Dean names Prine as one of his favorite songwriters and a huge influence on his honest and authentic music. “Dean’s music is deceivingly simple sounding. The words, emotions and the cinematic worlds he creates get embossed onto your heart and mind and you can’t forget them” says two-time Emmy® Award winning composer, music supervisor and record executive Michael Whalen. 


As a musician, Dean has recorded and performed with the Duffy Bishop Band, the Insomniacs, and the Julie Amici Band. As a promoter and live event producer, he staged hundreds of performances in the last decade alone. A resident of Oregon since 1998, Dean is a fixture of the Portland music scene. Even though he has produced many types of shows, his love of classic blues and rock is close to his heart. “I got to play with Honeyboy Edwards, Louisiana Red, Cephas and Wiggins, all those old-school blues artists,” he recalls. “After doing that, I went back to Portland, I left my “day job”(electrical engineering) and I decided I could be a musician. I found my home in the blues.”  


“I saw John Prine perform in concert many, many times,” Mueller recalls. “I love his humor and the way he presented songs and told stories. He inspired me, after being in music all this time, to write my own songs. Every song on my album has meaning and inspiration behind it,” he says. “It’s all reflective of my life.” 


“Life Ain’t All Roses” will be released June 16th, 2023.

"Life Ain't All Roses" Video

"Movin' On" Video


Dean's Upcoming Shows:

Dean Mueller and Pete Kartsounes

Frankie's Room @ Sisters Depot

Sisters, OR March 7, 7pm 

Info/Ticket Link

Dean Mueller and Pete Kartsounes

Artichoke Music

Portland, OR May 23, 7pm

Info/Ticket Link


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